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The Internet is vital to any business. Digital Media Group can provide dedicated bandwidth "On The Go" and stream live events to viewers anywhere in the world. More and more broadcasters, sports organizations, movie studios, educational institutions, and corporations are reaping the rewards of offering live event streaming on their website. Grow audiences, boost engagement and drive revenue by delivering broadcast quality video to all screens and devices, with built-in social networking.   Digital Media delivers all of these capabilities seamlessly. 

Mobile Broadband On Board, is our flagship product. When you need the internet, our satellite IP Communication system provides a broad range of service for any of your communication needs.   

Benefits of Satellite

Global Coverage 
Today, satellite communication can deliver a terrestrial-grade experience with voice, video, and data that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Ubiquitous coverage can be obtained with a global network of multiple satellites all tying into one central network management system.

Satellite networks are dependable, providing constant connectivity even when terrestrial networks fail. With satellite networks, enterprises can maintain business continuity with built-in redundancy and automatic back-up service.

Satellite networks already constitute a private network. By adding encryption technology satellite can provide a more secure connection than terrestrial networks, making it an ideal solution for government, military and enterprise VPN (virtual private network) solutions.

The modularity of VSAT systems allows for quick time-to-market and fast upgrades. VSAT remotes can be deployed rapidly and new remote locations are easily added to a network where limited terrestrial infrastructure exists simply by configuring bandwidth to the site and having ground equipment installed.

Fast Deployment 
Satellite technology is an ideal solution for quick deployment, immune to the challenges posed by difficult terrain, remote locations, harsh weather, and terrestrial obstacles. In this rapidly expanding market, satellite allows a service provider to get to market quickly and efficiently and provide immediate connectivity in disaster and emergency relief scenarios.

Cost Savings 
Satellite technology can deliver a communications infrastructure to areas where terrestrial alternatives are unavailable, unreliable or simply too expensive. Satellite allows service providers to insure scalability, profitability and maintain low operating expenses, all while overcoming a lack of existing infrastructure.